Banana Protein Pancakes

chocolate chipThe banana protein pancakes…

These are quite the interesting thing, I love protein pancakes in general because it always has endless amounts of choices, as to how you want them, whether it be more a crepe consistency or fluffy. Also with natural fruits the possibilities are endless. I usually have the the ingredients on hand so I can whip these up for breakfast and sometimes dinner, yes breakfast for dinner is the best. In this recipe there are only 6 ingredients so it literally will take you 5-10 minutes to make. Yes I timed myself haha.

Who doesn’t love pancakes?!

These pancakes are packed full of protein and fiber along with a fresh fruit of the season, or whatever you choose to put in them. Protein pancakes allow you to have never ending recipes, all while keeping you lean!

The Banana Pancakes are a staple in my diet and very easy to make. Make sure you have a ripe banana on hand.

Mix all your ingredients together very well using a fork to mash the banana into your mixture, this will make them them moist. If its more runny it will have a more crepe consistency. If you want more thickness add more oats. Its important to note when I use a banana flavor protein the flavor is to over whelming so the cake batter flavor with the banana it is perfect!

Heat pan to medium and spray with Pam to prevent it from sticking. Pour into pan as big as you want to make them, cover with lid and let cook for 1 minute.Uncover and flip, check and make sure its cooked first. Then Flip over and cover again for 45 seconds. When you uncover its usually pretty puffed up. Repeat for next pancake. You can also double the recipe. Enjoy…Ill share some more recipes soon!

For now Im off too enjoy these delicious pancakes along with a hot cup of coffee. Let me know what you think and look out for my protein pancake eBoook soon!


Vanilla-Bean Banana Protein Muffins


Vanilla bean banana protein muffins



Well I made a batch of these amazing protein muffins last night since I had a few bananas that had become to ripe to eat but perfect for baking so I threw together this recipe and it turned out amazing! I wasn’t even planning on posting it today because well its Memorial day and I should go enjoy my day, but I realize I enjoy putting time into my blog and  recipes because I love the feedback I get from my readers about my recipes. Plus I can’t complaint about enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee and one of these bad boys…..and they are guilt free. If you make these delicious hi-protein muffins please let me know what you think and leave a comment. This simple recipe everyone will absolutely love!

~Simple Vanilla Bean-Banana Protein Muffins~


  • 1 large ripe banana (Let your banana ripen until its brown. This makes for perfect baking!)
  • 3/4 cup of liquid egg-whites
  • 3/4 cup Quick Oats
  • 1 Yoplait Light very vanilla 

Blend these together in a regular blender or if your like me its just as convenient to do in my magic bullet. Pour the contents into a large bowl and whisk the rest of the ingredients together.

  • 2 Scoops of Vanilla protein. For this batch I used Muscletech Platinum Whey Vanilla Cake flavor
  • 1 packet of Stevia sweetener (individual serving. You don’t need to sweeten these much because the yogurt you added earlier did that for you)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 4-5 drops of Vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon-sugar (for the top after baked)
  • Butter (optinal) I love butter so this is optional but you can even use the spray butter so the sugar cinnamon on top will stick.




Mix all ingredients together. It does seem a bit water when filling the muffin cups but this is why they turn out so moist! Use your judgement, if the batter seems far to water add more protein powder. Make sure you spray your foil muffin liners because they stick.



Bake on 350 degrees for 18 minutes. Time varies on ovens so check them and if use a toothpick to check. If it comes out clean and they are golden brown on top they are done. take them out and immediately spray top with spray butter and sprinkle the Cinnamon Sugar on top. Enjoy these delicious clean eating banana protein muffins for on the go anytime, breakfast, post workout, desert or anytime!

62 Calories Per Muffin

2g Sugar

1g Fiber

4 Carbohydrates

5g Protein


Blueberry Protein Pancakes


We all love pancakes! Well most of us do and this recipe takes the guilt out of eating a giant plate of enriched flour filled pancakes. This is my recipe for the most amazing blueberry protein pancakes. I would have to say the thing I enjoy the most about pancakes is that you can add so many different things to change up, including the taste, texture, flavors. These are great for the kids, the family or any meal of the day.

What you will need…..

1 cup eggwhites
1/3cup oats (not instant)
splash of vanilla extract
splash of almond extract
1/4 cup blueberries
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein

Mix all in a bowl. Then use cooking spray in the pan and pour into pan, cover with lid and let cook for 3-4 min. All stoves are different so check it and make sure bottom is cooked. Flip very quickly and cover with lid for approx. 1min. When you remove the lid the pancake will have rised 🙂 Flip pancake on a plate sprinkle with cinnamon and use 1/4 cup sugar-free syrup!!! Oh yummy…..


I had a few emails of people asking what sugar free syrup I use so here is a link for you: