Robert Irvine Magazine

So great to be a part of Robert Irvine Magazine’s first issue!

Check out the May issue online or download it here for free!

Im featured on page 37 of this issue offering advice on creatine usage with females.

This magazine provides so much wonderful content and is beautifully laid out with everything from business info to fit tips. I expect them to come out with some wonderful magazines for years to come.


September Issue of Most Magazine

So great to grace the pages of the September issue of Most Magazine new Fitness edition!

Check out the September issue of Most Magazine and download it for free here!


Core Fitness Solutions Cover- Now available


Core Fitness Solutions Cover

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know its available now for pre-order in all major bookseller sites. Im featured on the cover with the wonderful Kendall Wood. With more than 5,000 customizable solutions in this book, you pick the exercises. You decide the workout, the location, the duration and the intensity. Finally, a leaner middle, a stronger core, and the set of abs you’ve always wanted can be yours. Former editor-in-chief of Men’s Fitness, Michael de Medeiros, and “King of Abs,” Kendall Wood, have handpicked the most effective exercises to target all areas of your midsection. Crafting your core has never been so simple. This was a fun day of Kendall kick my butt…See why I was so sore after this shoot 🙂

Here is a link to pre-order below. You won’t be disappointed.. Link below

The Leg Climb