Fitness Life

Fitness is such a large part of my life!

It has not always been that way but for at least the past 6 years I live for my daily exercise. The fitness industry has brought me so many opportunities and also helped me grow and learn as a person. I have become more determined, better disciplined and my health has been tremendous. Exercise can be the tricky part of the puzzle when trying to reach your goals. Doing the same thing will not yield results! The body is so efficient at preventing change when the same exercises, weight, sets have all been the same. It is crucial that you change up your workout routine every 6-8 weeks. This shocks the body and will raise your metabolism.
Every week I will post a new workout or exercise for everyone to try. Challenging the body and shocking it with new workouts is the key to long term success!
During the holidays exercise can get put aside. Don’t become victim to this and pencil in your appointment with the gym. I recently wrote an article on this very subject on Please stop by and see the site! It is an amazing source for everybody. I will continue to write a monthly article on the site and hope to hear great feedback from you

Have a Blessed day!